About Oregon Adventures

Oregon Adventures is the ONLY locally based shuttle and tour company. We have access to hundreds of miles of world-class single track on dozens of trails. Our shuttle service and mountain bike tours are based out of Oakridge, Oregon a unique, small, charming town and "The Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest". Oregon Adventures is the only locally owned and operated mountain bike tour company in the Oakridge area. Our staff and guides are friendly locals that live in and know our area.

Oregon Adventures started in 1997 as Oregon Trails. The first event was a covered bridge tour in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Less than 20 people showed up the first year, but by the third year the event had grown to over 400 people. The "Cottage Grove Six Covered Bridge Tour" was an annual event until 2002. Oregon Adventure's first mountain bike event was held at Cougar Mountain outside Cottage Grove in 1996. That event was held there for three years and then races were moved to Shotgun Creek, east of Eugene. All of this experience finally culminated in the creation of Mountain Bike Oregon (MBO). The mountain bike events hosted by Oregon Adventures have included the Cougar Mountain Fat Tire Festival, Shotgun Creek Fat Tire Festival, Northwest Bike Festival, Cascade Fat Tire Festival, Oakridge Fat Tire Festival, 12 Hours of Willamette Pass, 24 Hours of Willamette Pass, in addition to four years of Downhill and Super D races at Willamette Pass Ski Resort.

Oregon Adventures stopped promoting races in 2008 to focus on the guiding and shuttle service after seeing the success of the Mt. Bike Oregon events. Based on the smashing growth success of MBO, Oregon Adventures rolled out "mini-MBO"-style specialty tours in 2010. Unlike the huge festival atmosphere of MBO, these guided tours are limited to 25 people per weekend. This keeps the tours big enough to split into groups based on speed and type of on-trail experience desired (picture taking / pace), while keeping those subgroups guided. 


About Randy Dreiling

Randy Dreiling, the owner of Oregon Adventures, fell in love with riding before he could even balance on two wheels, terrorizing the neighborhood on his wheeled horse with a bucket on his head. As the years rolled by, he moved up to a Big Wheel, then the banana seat bike. The teen years saw the chopper bike and BMX bikes. In the late '80s, Randy started mountain biking and hasn't stopped. Having grown up in nearby Cottage Grove and put on mountain bike events and tours in the area for years, he knows the area intimately. Randy is a tireless advocate for Oakridge and the surrounding area, currently served as the Executive Director of the Oakridge / Westfir Area Chamber of Commerce for 12 years and also served as an Oakridge City Councilor for 6 years until December 2010. 



Oregon Adventures


Oregon Adventures operates under a special use permit with Willamette National Forest and is an equal opportunity recreation service provider.
Oregon Adventures is a Member of Travel Lane County and Travel Oregon